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just looking for piano sounds

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just looking for piano sounds

Postby erikdmt on Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:11 pm

I have a yamaha MO6 and I'm just not astounded by the piano sounds. For what I'm trying to do I would like a little better collection of piano sounds. Any good samples (free or not) that focuses just on piano?

I would prefer to have them downloadable you I could stick them on a usb and play them directly in my synth, rather than a softsynth that eats up resources
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Re: just looking for piano sounds

Postby gregwar on Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:07 am

afaik there's 3 types of piano software: "rompler" which is sort of what comes with garage band not the most exquisite and it comes in many older hardware synths like korg's O1w, then there's "modelling" like roland's new v-piano or modart's stuff. these model the physics involved in playing a piano and can do some unique stuff in relatively small software programs.

the main competition for this is "multi-sample" based pianos like ivory, ni akoustik piano and many others. these massive programs can eat up lots of space (they recommend 41gigs for ivory) because each key is meticulously multi sampled at different velocities, intonations, etc. until they ring all the way out. here's some examples:

modart pianoteq:

synthogy ivory:

*edit: not to be too confusing "rompler" and "multi-sampled" are not mutually exclusive and you can find some stuff kind of inbetween. basically both are recorded sounds but romplers compress these considerably and don't necessarily sound as realistic as multi-sampled because of the sheer amount data are just more accurate at reproducing pianos imo but since you have a yamaha its prolly an 'inbetween' or advanced rompler.. but i digress....
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Re: just looking for piano sounds

Postby nitten on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:24 am

The KORG M1 Legacy softsynth i got with the Nanokey got some great sounding Pianos and a lot of acceptable and bad too. It may be you shot on low budget, if you got the money NI Akustik Piano Or Elektrik Piano is what i would get, depending on weather you want electric or acoustic piano sounds, proberly a million+ ways out there to get piano sounds, so look around try searching for some good softsynth doing pianos.
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