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Review of the Triton LE

Korg Triton Le 61-Key Workstation 62 voices .The TRITON Le features both high-quality sounds and an assortment of new Programs and Combinations voiced especially for it. 448 onboard programs (64 user program locations) 128 programs and 9 drum kits  The TRITON Le is GM compatible.   384 Combinations, each consisting of up to eight Programs. These Combis include richly layered sounds, splits, velocity layers and controller-assigned combinations that will give your music guaranteed impact. The TRITON Le provides two powerful polyphonic arpeggiators that can be used to create intricate and expressive pitched patterns or drum grooves.


All new for 2002. I've played with it and can tell you it's great sounding, very Karma-esqe with powerful arps and beats.  This board positively rocks, filled with modern musical styles, and soundscapes galore.   Korg will sell them by the boatload, I predict. 32meg rom, Smart Media sizes up to 128 Mbyte are supported.  The display looks like the same one as the Triton Rack.  Where does it fall short?  Well the keyboard itself is very light touch and plastic feeling.  Compared to the full blown Triton, you only get 1 insert effect compared to 5.  But to my ears the Triton LE sounds fresher and newer than the Triton.  If I buy I Triton Rack, which I might, the 1st thing I will do is download the Triton LE presets because some of these are pure perfection. The team that made these presets needs to be commended.   Despite the limitations I think the Triton LE has the power to evoke modern emotions.  It can go deep and otherworldly and it can make people dance all night.  But nothing is ever perfect.  If I could get a Triton LE in a Fantom case with the Fantom display and keyboard that would be heaven. You can add sampling as an option with the EXB-SMPL board which is expandable to 64 megs.  This brings it up to speed with the Motif.  I am enthused.  There's demos to hear at Korg's site and do check out the video there.  You want support? Check out

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