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Free Samples, 
Loops and SoundFonts

Feel Free to use these in your Creations

Courtesy of Tweakheadz Lab

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Tweak's Picks for Cool Constructions

 Propellerheads Reason (Macintosh and Windows)
Software synths have been around for almost as long as the personal computer. But somehow, they've never really made the grade. Too demanding on computer resources. Too complex. Too limited. Indifferent sounding. Unplayable. Or simply not cool enough. But now, the first software synth to equal and surpass the power, glory, and attitude of dedicated hardware has arrived. In fact, it's a lot more than just a synth. It's a complete music system. The Age of Reason is finally here
.Tweak's Pick!

Emagic EXS24 (Macintosh and Windows)

 Tweak writes: I have it and it is wonderful. Great filters and you can stick it in your Logic audio mixer strip and go to town with plugins. There is not a hardware sampler out there that can deliver this sound of stacked plugins and samples.  With Logic 4.8 (just released as a free upgrade) you can import SoundFonts!  Get the price!

Propellerheads Rebirth (Macintosh and Windows)
ReBirth is the first true virtual analogue synthesizer for the 303, 808 and 909 sound. It is a self contained techno-trance-dance-acid-house studio for  Mac or PC. Physical modeling was used to recreate the exact sound and feel of the original hardware devices. On screen you will find the same device surfaces which operate exactly the same way as the original instruments plus complete automation of all knobs and sliders recordable from external MIDI controllers. Added realtime effects include distortion, delay and and a pattern triggered overall filter . ReBirth saves Patterns and Songs, synchronizes to the outside world via Midi Clock and supports OMS. Also, check out the website for the killer ReBirth Mods! Tweak Reports: Its cool.  It's got tons of classic sounds.  Its totally tweakable.  It's cheap! But it doesn't sound cheap,  In fact, there's plenty of dudes making BIG BUCKS with this program! If you are at all serious about retro, this is a must have. Tweak has it and loves it.  Integrates well with Cubase and Logic. It Gets the TweakHeadz Lab Bang for the Buck award.  Learn more... GET the super low PRICE

 EVP88 Vintage Virtual Piano. Cool tunes await the Piano Man

Steinberg Recycle (Macintosh and Windows). GET PRICE
ReCycle! is the most powerful tool for working with sampled grooves. It analyzes a waveform and breaks each sound into a slice isolating individual sounds. The 'slices' are then transmitted to a sampler as a key map and as a standard MIDI file.

Tweak Reports:  If you are serious about constructing your OWN loops its a must have.  If you are on VST, you can export any loop to VST broken down and sliced so you can freely adjust tempos, even requantize it as if they were midi notes.  It will also export to a SoundFont file.  Emu  and Akai SampleHeads will love it too!


Download these.  Use them.  They are sounds which will give you an industrial feel.  When you want more, buy my CD Roms!  You will not regret it!  No one gives you as many quality sounds, meticulously programmed for the dollar as Tweakheadz!  Sure they may have better glitzy covers and graphics, but in terms of sound, you will agree, The Tweakmeister Rules!

Buy the Audio Demo CD with all the demos, 21 ms20 long drones, and some loops you can hack and rip.  Only 7.99  Go Get It!

From the Celestial WindowPane Acid CD Rom  click here for free loops.  Get on the cutting edge with my custom Space and Dance Loops

From The Mystik Garage CD Rom  Order  Demo Tracks
1. Zipper Noise
(use as a scratch)
2. Drill Holes
(use as a snare)

. Factory Tone 
 (loop this one!)

4. Can Plop

Go to my Juke Box

From the Ice Kold Tekno 
Order  Demo Tracks

These samples are on both the Emu-Format CD Rom and SoundFont CD Rom

1. Electrical Arcing.wav
play it low on the keyboard
2. Giant Piston.wav
3. Grey Noiz.wav
4. Dive Bomb.wav (227k)
5. Square Bounce


From the yet unreleased World Cafe Cd Rom for Emu samplers

  1. Udu1
  2. Frog2
  3. Bongo Macho

Free SoundFonts from the Ice Kold SoundFont Collection for the SB Live!

Did you know you can build your own virtual synth with SoundFonts? 

 the 1 mb Demo SoundFont Bank (SF2)

Go to the Page with the Download
Here's 40 of the samples in the Ice Kold Orkestra all in a convenient package.  There's another 545 on the CD Rom and an incredible 740 programs with plenty of analog drum kits, stacks, synth FX loops and looong Ms20 characteristic drones.  Note the quality of this soundfont in the upper register (something few developers give you--Also note that each preset is resynthesized with the Lives! filters an envelopes--another thing most developers don't give you!  Sure you can spend $20 for a set somewhere else, but it will PALE compared the Real Thing--and folks this is it!  Order  Demo Tracks

More Hi-FI Samples

Are on my Post-Industrial Page

Downloadable SoundFonts from the Mystik Garage only $9.95

Free LO-FI Loops

Hi Fi Celestial WindowPane Loops are here

The Fall of the Wall  Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall.
11 KhZ  163k

CyberPad  Acidized LoFi Goodness for stretching 11khz, 87k 120 BPM

Articles on Sampling and SoundFonts

Sequencer City!

Order my CD Roms by Secure Credit Card Server 

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