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Why you need a Rack, Jack

by Rich the Tweak

You can go from this...


to this

with this

   Music People 12 Space Rack With 12 spaces of rack rail, you can make sure that all the effects you need are right where you need them with Music People's easily portable 12-space rack stand. It's easy transport and easy to place on stage, studio, home, or wherever you need it. Tweak writes: Cheap n' Cheerful I have Two.  Perfect for a tabletop rack system.  It's stronger than it looks and with no side, back or bottom panels you have full access


The music people 12 space rack came to my studio in a small narrow box less than 3 feet long.  It was not very heavy making me think why in the world did I order this cheap thing, oh, maybe I can put the light effects boxes on it.  I now have two of them and trust them with my best gear.  Who says racks have to be expensive?  The Music People surely don't.  It's not going to break any milestones in the looks department, but it will for simple, ingenious design that is easy to assemble.  The box has 6 pieces--two rack rails, two base feet, a back spacer and a top spacer.  Oh and you get plenty of screws too.  In about 5 minutes you'll be slappin' gear in the rack.  Then comes the hard part.  Diving into the treacherous sea of snaky cables and reconnecting your gear. So pick up some of those too.  Has anyone ever installed a rack and not needed at least one new cable?

The Music People Rack is best for table top use.  It will sit on the floor ok as a low under desk rack too, or high on a hutch of you have more than 2 feet of space (depth) to hold it.  The rubber feet will keep it from slipping around.  Anyway, I like 'em. Does the same job as those $200 particle board based enclosures and it keeps the gear cooler as it has no sides or back.  It gets Tweak's Cheap and Cheerful award.

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How to Build a Studio Rack by Alex Franke 22 photos, 4 diagrams, lots of
descriptive text, and five pages of detailed plans in PDF format (free). Shows how to make handsome rack furniture on
a TIGHT budget with 7th-grade-shop-class-skills.

Build your own Studio Rack by James at

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